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Carp fishing

From the earliest age I can remember, I have always loved fishing. Catching small roach right the way up to large carp, it is and always be my passion. I even managed convince my wife into having our honeymoon in Gran Canaria carp fishing in the mountains... I don’t know how I got away with that! : )

D.I.Y. & Photography

Our house has been a ongoing project, designing different internal styles, it has been a good opportunity to develop some new products that I have incorporate into my business. My new workshop needed a name so I thought my wife would love "The Dog House?"
Living in the country I have really enjoyed my photography, see my picture on my contact page.

my business

From leaving high school I went straight into the sign industry, I had an interest in the visual arts. When I first started sign writing it was done with brush and paint, this was before the age of the computer technology which has absolutely revolutionised the industry & continues to do so.

my pets

I’ve always had a soft spot for all animals, in particular my rabbits. They live like kings and queens,they even having their own cat flaps into a large heated shed. They have a free run of our garden & they do rather like to nibble on my wife’s plants, but as you can imagine she is not too best pleased. My office dog "Bella" likes to come out on collections & deliveries with me, all my customers love meeting Bella.

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carp fishing

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